It is a tradition with the Russians to drink champagne on New Year`s night when the Kremlin clock strike 12 times. Many people gather in Red Square for New Year`s celebration and make wishes.

Russians celebrate New Year twice. On the 1st of January we celebrate it once and then we repeat celebrations on the 14th of January! This tradition comes from the old pre-revolutionary calendar, so don`t get surprised if you`ve got a congrateulation on the “Old” New Year!

Russians are very hospitable people. Agree without any hesitation, if any of your new friends invites you to their place. It is a tradition to bring something for tea – a cake or a box of chocolates.

During a wedding a groom should carry a bride across a bridge without dropping her. When everybody starts screaming “Gor`ko!” (Bitter!) the newlyweds should kiss in order to make it sweet.

Drinking vodka with a pickle or a caviar sandwich is also a tradition. But never mix it with beer: this favorite Russian amusement may have very sad consequences for your health!

Maybe you`ll find it amusing, but Russians kidnap a bride before wedding and demand a ransom from the groom.
This ancient tradition is connected with a belief that men should prove to be wealthy. So, don`t get surprised coming to a wedding party and make sure to take some coins with you! :)

Dobryi den`! — Good day!
Do svidanya! — Good-bye!
Kak dela? — How`re you?
Poka! — Bye!
Privet! — Hello!
Horosho! — Good!
Spasibo! — Thanks!
Otlichno! — Very good!

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